Loneliness on the Net

Janusz Leon Wisniewski

Loneliness on the Net
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Prószyński i S-ka

Loneliness on the Net – Prószyński i S-ka

Loneliness on the Net

A more contemporary story would be impossible: the Internet, pagers, airline e-tickets, genome decoding, text messages. And it’s a classic love story. A story of love on the Internet. The ultimate love, the one of dreams. Wiśniewski tells the story superbly and analytically taking his reader from near celebratory tenderness only to amaze a few lines later with daring eroticism. "Loneliness on the Net" is also a tribute to knowledge intertwined with a love story. It’s a story about molecules of emotions, about who discovered DNA, and what happened to Einstein’s brain.


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Loneliness on the Net

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